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Reverse Engineering

When a gear or gearbox fails on an older but invaluable machine, it can be difficult to get a replacement without a drawing and the situation can be critical. You can depend on us to solve your issue with our reverse engineering solutions. Send us the part and we can reverse engineer it for you.

Damaged parts in the background and Reverse engineered parts in the foreground

Ratio Change

Need a ratio change within the same housing for better mileage, improved gearbox efficiency, racing performance or torque? We can assist you. For more details please contact us.

Damged sample

Reverse Engineered New part

Gear Design

Our gear design services can save you time and money. We can assist you at the design stage to prevent numerous expensive iterations with the right material selection, tooth contact analysis, stress analysis and gear design with Gleason CAGE and G-AGE software.

We can also assist with the prototype design and manufacture to save you time on your production line.